Also,rallye.a long-distance automobile race, esp. for sports cars, held over public roads unfamiliar to the drivers, with numerous checkpoints along the route. A rally is a period beaxy review of sustained increases in the prices of stocks, bonds, or related indexes. A rally usually involves rapid or substantial upside moves over a relatively short period of time.

Because of the large amount of unknowns and the rough condition of the roads, there is a large potential for damage to the cars. This means that the service crew is a vital part of a team’s final placing. Much more than many other motor sports, rallying is a team effort. The driver must be skilled, but must also heed the navigator.

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The students had been refused permission to hold their rally in Victory Square. We rallied around our neighbors when their house burned down. We were trailing for most of the game, but we rallied in the fourth quarter and ended up winning. Concerned people around the country have rallied to help raise money for the victims. The shootings rallied protesters who say the city neglects poorer neighborhoods.

Sucker rallies are easy to identify in hindsight, yet in the moment they are harder to see. As prices fall, more and more investors assume that the next rally will mean the end of the downtrend. Eventually, the downtrend will end , but identifying which rally turns into an uptrend, and not a sucker rally, is not always easy. A rally can be confirmed by various technical indicators. Oscillators immediately begin to assume overbought conditions.


This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. go markets jobs The politician asked his supporters to rally to the cause. Paused to refresh themselves and rally their strength. In practice, this RAE prescription is not always followed.

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Use the verb rally to describe that last push to finish a difficult something. When you hit that last mile in the race and are so tired you want to quit, that’s when you rally, finding the strength to pick up the pace. A political rally that brought together hundreds of the faithful. The runner seemed to be rallying for a final sprint. The disunited party rallied in time for the election campaign. Shares advanced in Asia on Thursday after a rally on Wall Street spurred by the Federal Reserve chair’s comments on easing the pace of interest rate hikes to tame inflation.

Runners execute an operation against Elasticsearch. Rally supports many operations out of the box already, see the track reference for a complete list. If you want to call any other Elasticsearch API, define a custom runner.

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He was shot dead while addressing an election rally. The coach rallied his players for the second half of the game. His supporters will rally tomorrow morning outside the capitol.

It is a period in which the price of an asset sees sustained upward momentum. From basic trading terms to trading jargon, you can find the explanation for a long list of trading terms here. Is purely informational and does not influence when Rally considers an operation to be completed. We use it in the example to read the professions to choose. The third parameter is there to ensure a more stable API as Rally evolves. Elasticsearch utilizes Mustache formatting in a few places, notably in search templates and Watcher templates.

  • A rally is a period of sustained increases in the prices of stocks, bonds, or related indexes.
  • The third parameter is there to ensure a more stable API as Rally evolves.
  • Anywhere from twenty to one hundred and twenty or more teams participate.
  • The dollar rallied against the yen in trading today.
  • For example, a significant lowering of interest rates may cause investors to shift from fixed income instruments to equities.

(in tennis, badminton, etc.)an exchange of strokes between players before a point is scored. (in tennis, badminton, etc.) an exchange of strokes between players before a point is scored. We hold information about your boat and crew that can be passed to coastguard authorities in an emergency , and we require all rally boats to carry a minimum level of safety equipment. Before the start we will check that this equipment is onboard and ready to be used in an emergency, such as man overboard, fire or sinking. When you join a rally, we provide you with a comprehensive Rally Handbook that is full of advice on how to prepare your boat and crew. We’ve been running rallies since 1986, so we have lots of practical knowledge to help you make the most of your experience of a lifetime.

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Fellow Republicans rallied to the president’s defense. Thousands joined a pro-democracy rally in the city. Minor clashes between police and demonstrators occurred during a protest rally. She will attend four campaign rallies in the state before returning to Washington.

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Mixed Breed dogs entering classes for Agility, Obedience, and Rally trials should mark Breed as “All-American Dog/Mixed Breed.” Sire and Dam information shall remain blank for mixed breed entrants. The demonstrators marched to Trafalgar Square where they held a rally. For example, if there is a large pool of buyers but few investors willing to sell, there is likely to be a large rally. If, however, the same large pool of buyers is matched by a similar amount of sellers, the rally is likely to be short and the price movement minimal. Anthony Battle is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.

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The company’s stocks rallied after an initial fall. The anti-war rally was attended by around 5,000 people. After a powerful rally last year, stocks have languished for power patterns in price action the first quarter of this year. The dollar rallied against the yen in trading today. The team played badly in the first half of the game but rallied in the second.

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The senator was due to address an election rally that evening. The next evening he addressed Forex Market a large anti-government rally. About 200 people braved the weather to attend the rally.

As recently as 2020, President Donald Trump referenced the culture war as the general cause to which Republicans must rally in their campaigns against Democratic challengers. Bayside Academy was great on special teams all night, which is what allowed the Admirals to rally for a lead late in the third quarter against Orange Beach. With its vision of belonging, it became the rallying cry of post-war reintegration efforts.


The navigator’s job is to make the driver go as fast as they can, which involves either giving or withholding information! Both of them need to be able to fix the vehicle on the race course if something goes wrong, and the service crew has to be ready to keep the car running, somehow, till the next service. A long-distance automobile race, esp. for sports cars, held over public roads, with numerous checkpoints along the route.

The Lakers found that rhythm in the third and fourth quarters but then had nothing left after, allowing the Celtics to rally and then pull away. Palm Beach Central appeared to have the momentum after scoring on the opening drive of the second half to take a 15-point lead, but visiting Apopka responded back with an impressive second-half rally. Was established in 2006 to highlight the continued need for this activity. In their face-to-face encounters at rallies, less-educated supporters found a means of testing their representatives’ commitment and holding them to account. We have seen that even acts such as protest speeches and public rallies prompt blanket rejection by a sizeable percentage of respondents. The question of police permits for political rallies remained a point of disagreement, between opposition and government, which was only resolved just before the elections.

CND are organising a massive Peace Rally on the second Sunday in July. Her parents were often away attending political rallies. A rally organized by democratic movements was broken up by soldiers.

Impressive rallies were held for communal peace and amity after the riot subsided, and working-class fraternity across communal lines has been revived. Enlightened idealism rather than pragmatism motivated others who rallied. The team played badly in the first half but rallied in the second. His health has improved dramatically since he started exercising. The nurse said my mother had rallied after a poor night. The rally was organized by local trade union officials.