Developers can look forward to Ivy – the eagerly-awaited, third-gen renderer along with other goodies like CLI APIs, differential loading, web worker support, and more. Being an AngularJS Development Company, we at Technostacks have swiftly broken down most of the functionalities and upgrades on the newest versions of Angular. Also, Angular 9 has assisted our developers in making front-end development superior in diverse projects. You should discover, explore, and report the bugs or problems you find on your in-hand project so that transformation can be easily implemented. The new rendering engine utilized in Angular 9 as compared to Angular 8 i.e. IVY, and due to this, there are many radical performance enhancements seen.

According to the Angular release guide, this is what the Angular community believes in and promises to be working in the near future as well. Bazel provides one of the newest features of Angular 8 as a possibility to build your CLI application more quickly. Ivy is supposed to be a by How To Become A Python Developer Full Guide default rendering engine in Angular version 9. Web workers can also be helpful, if your application is unresponsive while processing data. The Angular CLI is continuously improving, and now the ng-build, ng-test and ng-run are equipped to be extended by 3rd-party libraries and tool.

Coming to Web workers, they are quite crucial for enhancing the parallelizability and the pace of your application. Angular 8.0 offered support to CLI, which offers one bundle for each web worker, and they do it by creating code off the core thread. They are not planning for an opt-out of Ivy in their version 9 as they are focusing on supporting existing applications and backwards compatibility.

angular 8 features

From the CLI, you can now generate a new web worker and offload a work such as an image and video manipulation to the background thread. Doing so, you can free the main thread to update the user interface. Post adding App Development Costs the generated worker to your project, the CLI helps you to bundle and split the code. Web workers are very useful in boosting up the application performance especially if you are running CPU-intensive computations.

Dynamic imports for lazy routes

This command will also take care of changing your Angular Material component imports to each specific component rather than importing from the global @angular/material. Along with Angular 8, this feature was also much awaited as it is an innovative compiler that executes the rendering. It was done before too, but with the help of Ivy, you can now build a next-generation pipeline.

angular 8 features

To overcome these issues, we have a new lazy loading syntax which supports dynamic imports in the router configuration and allows the editors to understand and validate the code. Now, you need not wait until the built time to identify and resolve errors. Angular ships with a service worker implementation Starting with version 5. Lazy loading is based on the concepts of Angular Routing as it helps bring down the size of large files by lazily loading the files that are required. Let’s go over and summarize what are new features introduced in Angular 8 as well as how upgrading your Angular 7 apps to Angular 8.

What’s new in Angular 8!

With the new Builder APIs, you can tap into ng test, ng build, and ng run. This will be similar to Schematics which lets you to tap into ng generate, ng update, ng add, and ng new. This update might seem as an insignificant one; however, it will be helpful while generating readable and clean JavaScript codes. Angular 8 has mandated the use of Typescript 3.4 with its introduction itself. Thus, making it compulsory for you to update the TypeScript version without any fail. Apart from the much talked about Ivy, there are many other features in Angular 8 that are explained in detail as below.

angular 8 features

The most significant advantage of Bazel is that it allows developers to build their CLI application with it that can operate on different language inputs. Since the Angular framework itself functions on Bazel, it’s a great added benefit for the developers. It makes it easier to develop modules for both frontend and backend with the same tool. It will also increase the speed of building with different modules and libraries in the app. It allows developers to announce those tasks that have a clarity of input and output.

In order to enable Ivy in your code, you will have to use the following switch in the code “-enable-ivy”. Ivy is going to change the way we test our apps forever and Angular 8 is a great framework to start it with. AngularJS is one of the most powerful javascript framework in the world today. Mainly maintained by Google, it is 7 Best Online Course to Learn Programming & Coding in 2022 by javinpaul Javarevisited used by developers all over the world to create web applications, especially single-page web applications. Extensively used by Google, Bazel is an open-source build and test tool. Apart from the fact that the Angular framework itself is built with Bazel, it is also expected to integrate Bazel as one of Angular’s toolsets.

The bundle size of “Hello, World” Angular application without IVY is 36 KB; however, with IVY it’s just 2.7 KB. Angular 8.0 brings good news for all the users of $location service as it now enables them some Location Upgrade Module in the AngularJS applications. In this, they can easily translate to the unified location service. Angular 8.0 is thus adding building support to CLI for web workers. This is done to address the common request from the developers.

Top 10 features of Angular 8

Angular now has Differential loading feature included by default. So when your application is loaded, the browser will load the with bundle which it supports automatically. Angular 8 uses differential loading technique as default at time of generating build. Differential loading is process used by browser to load the modern or legacy javascript based on it’s own support. The angular creates two separate builds for modern and legacy for our application.

This, in turn, means that you have complete control over the CLI which aids a lot when it comes to the development of web apps. TypeScript is essentially used to make coding in JavaScript much easier and convenient. It was developed by Microsoft to provide a tool that makes the life of a web developer much easier when it comes to coding in Javascript. Angular uses TypeScript and that’s essentially the syntax followed by the framework. You code something in TypeScript which Angular then coverts into plain javascript and runs it online.

  • You code something in TypeScript which Angular then coverts into plain javascript and runs it online.
  • To solve the issue, they came up with a solution known as TestBed.inject() and criticized the get function.
  • Take total control of development processes and save your office space and rent.
  • In this blog, we will see one by one what does Angular 8.0 brings on the table.

It also improves the page loading time and reduces the amount of time it takes for the page content to become interactive for users. Summing up all the above features, The Angular team has certainly did a great with the framework making developers job much easier & simpler. In my opinion, one of the most important reasons for you to update any Angular 7 apps up to Angular 8 is Differential Loading. The update itself shouldn’t cause too many problems and it’ll give your app free performance boost for the newer browsers. It’s nothing else but a feature that allows you to generate two separate bundles. One for all the modern browsers (with ES2015+ support) and the other for browsers without the support for ES2015.

NodeJS and AngularJS are two javascript frameworks that are often used together as part of the MEAN stack when it comes to developing web applications. Angular 8 is going to be fully compatible with the latest version of NodeJS, Node 10. A lot of improvements will be seen in terms of lazy loading in Angular 8. Most developers will also notice that Angular 8 will support EcmaScript imports which are dynamic. Angular 8 apps will now be more performant, thanks to Differential Loading of Modern JavaScript. With differential loading, new apps generated by Angular CLI will now contain separate bundles for legacy JavaScript and modern JavaScript (ES2015+).

Workspace APIs and builder APIs in the CLI

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This will result in boosting the loading speed and time to interactive for modern browser. From Angular 8 onwards, the CLI is going to produce separate bundles for legacy and the modern JavaScript bundles (ES2015+), which will be the part of the overall build process. Angular is arguably the most popular open-source web app framework which is widely used by developers across the globe. In 2016, when Google released Angular, many developers migrated to this robust framework.